I’ve been swimming with my Gopro on my head for over 3 years. Before I got my Gopro I attempted to attach my regular waterproof camera on my head as I swam using elastic around my head, I could not wait for someone to invent the Gopro!

The ‘Swimfilm’ adventures I have undertook allowed me to meet swimmers all over Ireland and beyond; I have been so lucky to swim with and film some of the best marathon and Channel swimmers around the world.

These ‘Swimfilms’ are not my art films, they serve as part of my research and are integral to my art practice, in both the physical act of swimming, the stories and the images that I get from the films; but they are often made as a just a thankyou to a swimmer or organisation for taking me swimming in the first place.

Since moving to Dublin nearly three years ago I have been filming all the Leinster Swim races, bridge jumps and winter sea training. Some of the best still images from all the Swimfilms was made into my book “Adapt your breathing’ as part of my Masters with selected texts from various invited writers.

Below is the link to nearly 100 Swimfilms from the past few years.