The Lambay Swim was a journey to Lambay Island made with the swimmers from Low Rock, Malahide.

Lambay sits on the periphery of the swim vista at Low Rock and is the largest island on the east coast of Ireland. Lambay is steeped in intrigue and mystery; a sequestered place where wild wallabies share their home with the 7th Lord Revelstoke and ship wrecks and castles hide many secrets.

A link to a pdf of the book I made of this swim: Lambay Swim – a collaborative Journey

I have been swimming at Low Rock, Malahide, every week since moving to Dublin in 2011. Eight kilometres out from Low Rock, is the privately-owned Lambay Island and, for a swimmer, an island is a lure. I started a series of swims as a way to explore and research the island. This was first swim was in 2014, as part of the CREATE Artist in the Community Scheme. Together with the sea swimming community from Low Rock we swam relay-style from Low Rock until we reached the beach in Lambay harbour, where we swam the last 500 metres together. It was a chance to turn back and look at the space where they daily swim.

Lambay Swim video:


Lambay Swim


Lambay Swim