Beyond Islands

























“Beyond Islands”

A night time journey by land and water.

Beyond Islands was the culminating work from a series of swims to and around Lambay Island that I undertook in the past few years as part on an expanded art project.

The work consisted of an interactive night swim and night walk with performances, projections, sculptures and shadow puppets en route. All participants ended their journey at The Springers swim area in Skerries, Co Dublin for the finale which was a commissioned song ”The Ramparts Against Uncharity” was written by Ruth Clinton sung by Landless from a boat just moored off the Springers. The swimmers listened from the water while Landless sung as the voice of Lambay Island and all islands.

Ian Fleming was the seaweed man who read a text ‘King Fish’ from a book about the wildlife on Lambay Island written in 1906 describing how the King Fish was found on Lambay and how it can still be seen in Dublin’s Natural History Museum today. Shane Holland, Altan Holland and Dominic Gilmore rowed the Currach ni Sceirí with Carol’s amazing King Fish lantern on the mast and Dominic read the same King Fish text to the swimmers. Synchronised swimmer Aoife Drumm performed for the swimmers off the giant SUP. Emer McLoughlin was the swimmer sitting on the wall and read a text written by myself. Rosaleen ní Shúilleabháin was the narrator and tour guide and read texts from writers Tim Dee and Declan Long. The lanterns were made by various groups from Skerries including Skerries Foroige, Prosper Fingal, Teddy’s Shed and an open workshop at Skerries Mills. Tony and Carol helped in ‘Teddy’s Shed’ to create the large floating lantern.

The Skerries Sea scouts gave us great kayak safety cover on the night, as well as Stephen Turner and Carol Finlay and Kinny from Swim Ireland kept the night swim safe with the help of Fergal of course. ILDSW lent us loads of tow floats and there were also little, last minute miracles on the day like Geraldine’s horse box to move all the sculptures and Micheal and his tender. Michelle, Chris, Blue, Caroline Cowley, Robbie, Gavin, Catherine…. so many people who helped.

This project was supported by the Arts Council Ireland Visual Arts Project Award 2018.





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