1st Solo Crossing of UCD Lake

1st Solo crossing of UCD Lake 
Water temp: 4º 
Distance 75m


UCD Lake













This solo swim was the starting point of my exploration behind the history, architecture, source and science of the UCD Lake in Belfield, a rather unconsidered, ignored body of water which serves as a serene backdrop to sunny day lunchtimers and is home to several swans as well as many macroscopic and micro organisms.

Since starting my Art in Science Residency at UCD in February 2015 I have been talking with the UCD campus community about the lake and what it means to them and asking for stories around this angular, brutalist concrete lake. These findings will be collated and displayed in the coming weeks.

The 1st Solo Crossing was swam just before I started this residency as it would have been impossible for me to walk past this body of water everyday if I had not submerged and bonded with it.